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“Captivates you immediately, it’s absolutely gorgeous!” Janice Long, BBC Wales  - Jan 2020


“Hypnotic and heart-skipping” Acoustic Magazine - Jan 2020 

“★★★★ A sophisticated collection of songs” Rock 'n' Reel Magazine - Jan 2020 


“Almeida's voice is indeed one of unquestionable beauty - perfect control, and harbouring a just-below-the-surface sense of fire and passion.”

Fatea Records Magazine - Jan 2020 


'...a gorgeous album immersed in a warm suffusion of light and positivity. Breathe deep’ Folk Radio

“Rather lovely” Jan 2020 - Bob Fischer, BBC Tees – Jan 2020

"★★★★★ She's a master at what she does so well." Panorama Gibraltar Jan 2020

“A hypnotising voice and beautiful track” Jan 2020 Jenny Summers, BBC Merseyside


“It's been on in my car all weekend” Jan 2020 Stephanie Hirst, BBC Leeds


"...the production, mixed supremely by Grammy award-winning Jerry Boys, is understated and never crowds out the principal heartbeat of the songs – Almeida’s utterly distinctive voice" Simon Warner, rock journalist Jan 2020

“Poised and graceful, yet immensely powerful” Feb 2020 Louder Than War

“Women’s Choice Track” Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland Feb 2020


I've Heard

You hold the password

to make the moon glow

The beautiful new album
by Kirsty Almeida 


OUT 02.02.2020
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