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Welcome to my 3 months creative coaching programme

Have you always had a dream to write a book, write and record an album, create a business, paint an exhibition, tour a show, launch a product or just discover more of your creative self? Maybe you have an existing creative project or business that you would like to really focus on and take to the next level? If so, this coaching is for you. We will learn about planning, building creative projects, the power of intention, marketing, branding, when to share your projects and how and I will support you every step of the way as you make it happen.


Based over 3 months, I will coach you and help you stay on your track to help you find your creative path, work through  blockages, reach for your dream, focus and deliver, dip into quantum practice, manifest and call in your own creative power and realise and manifest more of your potential. We will focus on your skills, build into your weaknesses, reach for your potential, look into your blind spots and deliver you into the next level of you. 

Why Three Months?

 With all the clients I have coached so far, I've seen how after around 6 weeks, old patterns that no longer serve start coming up for questioning and my clients start to really see their habits, blockages and procrastination from a very different conscious perspective. This is when the real work begins - changing patterns, working on old 'stuff' and bringing in new ways of working and activating healthy authentic creative patterns. You will receive 3 sessions with trauma specialist Charmain Berry as part of this coaching to dive even deeper into you during this time.  At around 6 weeks we get to the 'good stuff'. This is when I see my clients really shifting into a new creative gear and finding their magic. It's from this place that it's wonderful to begin the journey to sharing the art/book/album/creative project. It's wonderful to work with people over the three months and it flies!!

Having worked with many clients (testimonials below), I am very confident that if you're ready to take the leap, I can creatively coach you to reach higher, think wider, work through blockages, find your blind spots, creatively explore and reach for your own creative success whilst staying true to your deepest self. Success to me has always been about having an idea, finishing it, then sharing it with the world. I'm ready to coach you if you're ready to do the work and take a leap into magic. 

By the end of this programme you will be speaking like my testimonials below. I am going to help you to reach the next level of you. I will work with you every step of our way and help you to really stay on your track. I will share with you lots of inspired tips, techniques and practical ways to access your inspirational and 

creativity and how to deliver it.

Get ready to grow.

Individual guidance and one-to-one coaching weekly calls with me to realise your creative flow, keep you on track, identify and work through blockages and to reach for your potential

A personal plan, marketing, social media voice, branding and sharing plan, timelines, a personal map to achievements with achievable goals and intentions along the way so we can monitor your success 

Organised personal artist dates and one-to-one project management planning with support when you want to run or hide

Creative activities and rituals to learn how to set the right workspace and reach your creative spark and connecting with your inner you to reach the parts of you that might need attention so you can create your new reality

Lessons and guidance and support on how to challenge your mind patterns and deep rooted beliefs that are not serving you anymore

Support to build your daily and weekly and monthly momentum so you can step into your new you with ease and grace


Director of City Therapy

If you have the beginnings of a business model if you have an idea the world needs to know about. Kirsty has the gift and skills to help you birth that project, deliver that speech,think laterally and set you off on a new direction beyond possibilities you imagined. Challenging your premeditated ideas, and helping to reboot and create different strategies in your brain. Extraordinary service from start to finish on the six months coaching. Don’t hesitate, send her your goals and see if Kirsty can help.


Co-founder of Kids Unlimited & The Yard, Alderley Edge

A coaching vessel of energy she moves with intuition sparking self love and forgiveness . 

Kirsty taps into the wisdom of body , heart and mind offering ritual and practice to teach you how to let go of limiting beliefs . She challenges you to look at what's holding you back and supports your journey to a place of inner truth and authenticity . 

I had lost my power and she has helped me reclaim it with clarity and direction . I have reframed the way I think and how I speak about my life with an understanding of the law of attraction and manifestation . I am now mindful of my words and thoughts . 

She is wise and she lights up your heart .... but be prepared she makes you work and she expects ' you ' to do the work . 

Yes ... for me her resonating mantra is ' DO THE WORK ' 

Be prepared for a journey ... 


DOMINICK HORTON, Inspirational Speaker

Kirsty coached me for a 3 month period, she immediately saw in me there was parts that needed healing and she was excellent in holding space for me to go within, on the inner journey to dealing with trauma from the past. She was a great communicator and helped me to get things done I was procrastinating on and allowed me to grow and see my life from a totally new perspective

Payment Option 1 
Payment Option 2
Payment Option 3
£1056 per month x 3 months 
(£3168 in total)
£2799 paid over 3 months 

Kirsty Almeida

Singer/Songwriter, Artist, Coach

Known as a highly creative and ideas person and for birthing the huge Creative Wellness Centre and project, The Wonder Inn and nominated for Entrepreneur of The Year and Person With Purpose for the Northern Women's Awards for it, I was also signed to Major Record Label, Decca, have created 4 albums of music, written for films Patagonia featuring Duffy and the film Albatross starring Sebastian Koch, Julia Ormond, Felicity Jones and Jessica Brown Findlay. I sang for the G8 in Moscow, performed on Commonwealth day for HM The Queen, toured the UK and Slovenia and wrote the music for award-winning children's app, Lucy Ladybird amongst many many MANY other credits. Currently finishing my children's book, Wizardy Woo and about to launch my 4th album whilst finishing off my 5th, I am a whirlwind of creativity and magic, understanding how creativity really works and how to reach for a dream, and how to stay on track I am now a creative business coach and specialise in helping people to realise their potential, stay focussed on the journey and discover blockages and work through them.


Actress (Waterloo Road and many other credits)

Kirsty is a supportive, inspirational coach. She guided and nurtured whilst making me accountable, allowing me to make huge shifts by taking steps daily. The magic happened soon after working with her. I’ll be forever grateful for her cosmic presence. Her coaching was integral to my healing and creative journey.

Rick Johnson

Entrepreneur & Author of Recipe For Success with Jack Canfield

 Kirsty was my coach for 3 months early in 2018 when I was looking at making some changes in my career, and also because I had just accepted the offer of co-authoring a book with one of my all-time peers, Jack Canfield. Kirsty helped me with a lot of things, the first of which was clearing some blockages that were stopping me from being creative. From that I was able to gain some clarity on where I was going. Kirsty was also a massive help in guiding me through writing, as there had definitely been this block in place. Kirsty has just a bright energy that you cannot help but feel much lighter after talking things through. 

Kirsty checked in with me regularly and the face to face coaching was done in some random, but amazing places, such as walking through the woods, which totally helped to bring out a different side to my way of thinking. 

My book is now published, and I am on a firm path with my career, and I thank Kirsty for playing a role in my progression.

Kirsty brings a magic like no other. Working with her for 6 months gave me a sense of the creativity that was laying dormant within me and the gift to tap into it like never before. She is a humungous thinker and therefore no dream is too wild or too big in her world. She approached all my ideas with curiosity and certainty that not only was it possible, but that it was already done. This was so important at that phase of my journey giving me a much deeper belief in my own dreams, giving me the confidence to reach for the stars. I would highly recommend working with Kirsty. Just merely being in her presence brings out the Wizard in you!